Frequently asked Questions

Here you can find many answers to frequently asked questions by some of our customers. If there’s anything else you need help with, send a message or give us a call!

Since when does Ammermann Umwelttechnik operate?

We were founded in 1992.

How does the approval process work?

We submit the application to the responsible authority for you. After approx. 3 – 4 weeks you will receive the approval from the water authority. After that we will arrange an installation date for your small wastewater treatment plant!

I was contacted by my district. What am I supposed to do?

Get in touch with us. We advise you professionally and competently and will conduct the further correspondence with the authorities for you after placing the order!

How long does the installation of small water treatment systems take?

Usually the full installation takes about one working day.

How does the installation process work?

All necessary works will be coordinated by us, starting with the emptying of the old plant. In case of new construction, we will set the new pit and backfill the old plant if necessary. All connections are made and the pit is backfilled. The last step is the commissioning with a leak test.

Since when and why is a leakage test required?

Leakage tests are being redulated by the DIBt (German Institute for Construction in Berlin). There’s various types of tests depending on your kind of system.

How often is maintenance work required?

The guidelines stipulate 2 maintenance operations per year (in some districts, maintenance is required three times a year in water protection areas). Failure to comply will result in a fine!

What is being done during maintenance?

The maintenance includes a complete function check of all components as well as the collection and examination of a water sample from the small wastewater treatment plant. We automatically report the results to the responsible authority.

How often do I need to empty my small sewage treatment plant?

After around half of the tank is filled with mud or at least every 5 years.

Are there any electrical parts in the sewage systems?

No, there’s no electrical parts inside our treatment plants.

Can I drive on top of the lids?

Depending on the type of your system we offer that capability. Just ask us!

How many different water treatment systems have you already installed?

As of 2020 we have installed around 19000 different systems.

Is the controlling device very loud?

We use almost entirely silent switching solenoid valves.

Can I feel the vibrations of the sewage system?

No. The control and compressor are installed so that no vibrations are felt.

What are the costs of installing a small water treatment system?

We will advise you fairly and honestly. There are very many possibilities and combinations that determine the price. Call us and we will visit your site and then make you a fair offer for a new system or an upgrade.

Can I do part of the installation work by myself?

Yes, after consultation you can carry out your own work (e.g. remove excavated soil, lay sewage pipes, paving work). Ask us!

Can I modernize and upgrade my old water treatment system?

n principle, yes. However, it must be checked whether the effort is in proportion to the costs. We will gladly check this for you.

Are you a certified business with all the required permits?

Our company has all the necessary certifications and is audited annually. We work closely and trustfully with all counties or water authorities.

Do I have to hire an outside water lab if you service my small wastewater treatment system?

No, we process water samples ourselves in our own laboratory, so there are no unnecessary costs for our customers. For certain plant types and sizes, a water sample from the external laboratory may be necessary – the commissioning is generally carried out automatically by the authority.

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