Ammermann SBR Our AquaPur System 

Our SBR plant AquaPur is a fully biological treatment plant for domestic wastewater from 4 to 50 EW, developed and approved according to the latest guidelines of the European standard EN 12566, part 3. AquaPur may be installed in concrete and plastic tanks, here even plant sizes up to 1000 EW are possible!

1. New installations or upgrades

2. Very low energy consumption

3. Made in Germany

4. Amazing Cleaning efficiency

AquaPur in the concrete version


 The plant can be assembled very easily and quickly. All plant components are prefabricated to such an extent that individual elements only have to be connected according to the modular principle. Removal of the plant from the container is easy. In the case of plastic tanks, the technology is already completely installed.

How it works


1. Feeding phase

Feeding of the water to the SBR reactor, the discharge is done by air jacks and is limited in quantity.

2.Feration phase

Aeration of the waste water by plate and pipe aerator, mixing with oxygen.

3.Settling phase

A sludge layer is formed at the bottom of the chamber, in the upper area a clear water zone is formed.

4. Discharge phase

Purified water is drawn off, sludge is returned to primary sedimentation.



Clean and Green.

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